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Try talking to us

Are you uninstalling the app because the widget did not appear or style did not suit your theme? If so please reach out to us as we can customize the app to suit your theme. Please email to [email protected] or schedule a Zoom meeting with us.

If temporary glitch, try disabling the app

If the app caused a temporary glitch, or you are facing an issue with initial setup, you can disable the app instead of uninstalling. Go to the Settings page and click Disable under the Status section. Reach out to our support team and report the issue faced.

If still you need to uninstall

Uninstallation means removing the App from your store and hence can't access Post purchase offers

If you wish to remove the app, it will

  • Permanently Delete all upsell offers from our server
  • Permanently upsells & cross sell analytics 

Please note that we do not save customer's data and orders data.

Please follow these steps to remove the App from your store

  1. Disable the App from the App's Settings page.
  2. Delete the App from your list of apps.

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